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Any news "that is new" as it relates to end-time Bible Prophecies

Where are the Churches today?
Picture of a sunrise among a tree line in a mist, wording is.
The start of a new are.

Psalm 83

 End Times as noted in Scripture

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This Site

Here is where you want to come to get the most and the latest news as it pertains to Bible Prophecy of end times.

This website called “newnewscast“, is a complement to my videos I post on YouTube which just happen to go under the name "newnews". I have created this website as a supplement, an add on or a furthering of a better understanding of Bible prophecy of end times. This site will not only be informative but will be updated on a regular basis and probably post here more often than I make videos. 


I’ll try to make everything as simple as possible. Not to insult anyone but to be informative. As a help to understanding end times. I don't believe that it takes a special kind of a person as in degrees of knowledge or of great intelligence to be able to figure it out. The bible makes it clear; for all that seek understanding it will be given. This is scripture.

                                                                   Comparing events

Comparing todays events and biblical end time scenarios (these with-in scriptures) you begin to see the two align. This is what I’m all about. Comparing. When you start matching the two; today's events and bible prophecies all of a sudden you begin to see a picture of where we are in God's prophetic timeclock. Now that’s exciting. This world is about to be changed in a way as never seen before. Praise our Father in heaven. Amen

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