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Within walking distance I have two churches available. If I want to drive about five minutes, I have another two I could attend easily. Given 15 minutes or less another four that could be attended.
Of those churches and having talked to some of the pastors, congregation, I have learned there is very little interest in eschatology or the study of and times as in Bible prophecies.
The Pastors, some I have met with personally, their response to an end-time study is basically, we all know there is going to be an end we just don't know when, and  the book of Revelation is too complicated for most, who is to say their right. What they have said to me is not only are we not going to talk about it but there isn't anyone knowledgeable enough they could trust to teach on this subject. 
I find that very interesting and this is where I'm stepping in. 
Give me just a short amount of time and I will show you it's not that complicated and I'll be using Scripture the whole way. Scripture explaining as not to take my word for it. The authority of truth comes from scripture. Now you can make up your own mind. 
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