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Gantz quits war cabinet, saying PM preventing ‘true victory’ over Hamas, urges elections.

National Unity leader slams Netanyahu though coalition still has majority.

The war Cabinet made up of three members two of them from the Likud party and one from the national Unity Party, which is in part Benny Gantz, they were responsible for decision-making concerning the war effort in Gaza. It seems Gantz pulled the trigger on an empty gun.

Benny Gantz decided to resign from the war cabinet believing he had a large enough following and this, in-turn would lead to a large resistance to the Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu believing there would be a call for reelections. It didn’t work.

The main concern was how to free the hostages within the Gaza Strip determining who would control the Gaza Strip at the end of the war. While noting the heavy pressure from the international communities and especially from the United States.

Gantz was investing heavily on these goals believing the United States had the right way to accomplish this. Netanyahu on the other hand had his own way which in turn would retain Israel's right to continue the war believing this was the only way that the hostages could be found and freed, then waiting until the war was over before deciding who controls Gaza.

With Gantz withdrawal, Netanyahu's government will be dominated even more by the ultranationalist ministers Itamar Ben Gvir and Bezalel Smotrich, who will likely increase pressure on the prime minister to take an even more hardline approach to the war in Gaza, taking steps against the Palestinian Authority in the West Bank and escalate attacks against Hezbollah in Lebanon.

See my post “Benny Gantz bolting Knesset, for what reason.”

Quote: He is not the most popular of candidates and only popular within a minority of the Israeli's. Many have speculated it would be better if they got him out of rule and if he does leave would be to a benefit. I don't think he'll be missed.

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Diane Bergschneider
Diane Bergschneider
10 jun

Good morning, Ross. I heard, too, that Gantz 'resigned' but, those words in my life experience are not guaranteed. It's also easy to point fingers when you don't get your way. A willingness to talk and understand isn't the easiest path for sure. The U.S. will certainly put more pressure on the PM now..which has its own self-serving agenda...not Israel's; which is shameful. Dear Lord, please intercede on Israel's part soon, I pray. Thank you in Jesus Christ's name. 🙏

Me gusta
11 jun
Contestando a

Always good to hear from you Diane, I do read your replies, well most of them. And as to your prayer all men

Me gusta
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