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Iran's proxy Hezbollah thwarted again

Hezbollah, A terrorist organization firmly planted with-in Lebanon, back financially and militarily by Iran has attempted to follow through with the previous threat to Israel.

Hezbollah has said, if Israel attempts to extract the fuel from the surrounding area of Cyprus, they will stop Israel even by force if necessary.

A brokered deal between Israel and Lebanon under the mediation of the United States has assured Lebanon of a percentage of the revenue generated by the sale of this fuel. Hezbollah has disputed the percentage wanting a much larger amount of the fuel's revenue.

July 2, Hezbollah has launched three drones from Lebanon toward Israel’s newly implanted oil rig as said to be a reconnaissance mission, the drones were void of any weapons.

In an act by Israel which completely shocked Hezbollah, the drones were struck out of the air by Israel's defense systems. Hezbollah only response was an attempt to save face by claiming the mission was successful even though they lost their drones.

The reason this is important is to clearly see Hezbollah's continued want to test Israel's defense systems as a future war between Iran's proxies and Israel is inevitable. This is a testimony to this up-coming war that is seen by all that are keeping an eye on bible prophecies of end times. Psalm 83 prophecy, war.

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1 Comment

Mike Pennino
Mike Pennino
Jul 04, 2022

I wish Israel would just take care of business already.

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