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Israel in the news The Rapture, how close are we.

Israel is confronting great pressure as it’s worldly strong- stance is under question, its existence is being brought into question.

Israel is standing on unsure footing even though their warring platform stands strong, Israel is reluctant to act. It’s not that their military power is lacking, for sure they are to be taken seriously as nuclear power and it alone could and would cause monumental damage to anyone that dare attempt to harm them. Even though, Israel won’t say they do or don’t have unclear weapons, I’m sure all believe Israel has them. Israel’s warring ambitions seem to be on hold. The problem? Taking a look around, the world stage is seeing Israel’s as being weak.

The threat of a coalition breakup.

The latest Knesset theatrics, diplomatic ambiguity runs wild. As Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s coalition is threatening to break apart, the protest movement against the government’s judicial overhaul is staging another, Day of Disruption, with acts of civil disobedience and road closures around the country. The Knesset is now in session and the judicial overhaul legislation package is still frozen.

Josep Borrell, the high representative of the European Union for Foreign Affairs supporting their Peace and Security policy, in talks with, Foreign Minister Eli Cohen, and staff met on Tuesday. Cohen noting Israel’s domestic affairs, like the judicial overhaul and deterioration of democracy in Israel has consequences. Cohen is even admitting this. Borrell wanting to contribute or to help in the progress of working toward a two-state solution. Borrell is not the only one seeing the pressure on Israel at this time and attempting to take advantage of Israel’s government’s dividing, seen as weakness.

Top Hamas and Islamic Jihad officials, urges Israel’s defeat as Iranian President Raisi meets with senior Palestinian officials in Syria’s capital, Damascus.

Palestinian terror groups, predicts the collapse of the Zionist regime to be very close. The situation in the West Bank, Jerusalem and Gaza Strip seems to be deteriorating as more and more attacks continue against the Jews with greater frequency, a strong indication of a growing boldness by the warring factions. Again, Israel is seen as weak, why not take advantage of them.

We’re going to take a closer look at this situation and use scripture to explain where we are in end-time prophecies helping to understand what is really going on. I hope to detail this subject in my next video.

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