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The march forward in unfolding end time prophecies.

Like a slow-moving fog rolling in bringing a chill to the bone and so it is with the development of the new government within Israel.

Absolutely no surprise the United States president show signs of elation welcoming Yair Lapid to the position as the Prime Minister of Israel.

So, what is the next step of Israel's government as to further itself on the world stage, this underneath the influence of a liberal leaning to the left, head of state.

Let's remember this is a Christian site and I look at all things through the lens of Bible prophecies and especially those of and times.

Yair Lapid would be considered a leader of centrists in Israeli politics. Not so much as a leftist as he seems to be following his own ideals of how it is with Israel's relationship to the Palestinians. Lapid has made it clear that he will seize this time to impose a diplomatic initiative with the Palestinians giving the ability for the Palestinians to exist within a Jewish democracy. We’ll live together and be happy will be the outcome.

To summarize; Lapid is very much for a two-state solution, Lapid’s understanding is, Israel must work very hard to appease the Palestinians within Israel.

Scripture makes it very clear that once Israel was brought back into its land again and made a nation with in one day, May 14, 1948, Israel will never be divided again. Scripture also makes it clear that the land of Israel will be exclusive to the Jews at a given time allowing them to be able to sacrifice for 3 1/2 years. Revelation12 speaks of this period of time. (The woman being fed) Other scriptures also.

As the Biden administration currently is readying itself to make a visit to the middle east and two of his stops will be to meet with the leader of the Palestinian Authority and to meet with the Prime Minister of Israel. So, it should be no wonder as to what they're going to talk about and what might happen next.

In Sunday's video I'll be picking up from here in leading to other scriptures describing the possible outcome of all these other meetings between the Arab states, Palestinians, Israel, plus others.

In an effort

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Cash Devers
Cash Devers
Jul 03, 2022

Biden probably feels interim PM Lapid is anxious to prove his mettle with a major concession to the Palis. So Joe is gonna show up and make it happen, also hoping to get a boost in terrible polls back in the US. So what will likely start the Ps 83 War? I've always figured it to be an Israeli pre-emptive move vs Iran's nuclear sites. But this seems so unlikely given an interim Israeli govt and the desire for peace at most any price. I can't see Iran making the first move, because they know they will get hammered. Unless the Iranians really believe their 12th Mahdi prophecy and figure the time has come. Sorry for rambling...there's a missing piece…


Jul 03, 2022

Sounds like this Biden middle eastern visit could be profoundly important!


Jul 02, 2022

Wow! There is so much going on. I’m looking forward to hearing more of your thoughts on this, Ross.

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