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A turning point to a new era

A turning point to a new  era of time. 

A turning point for those left behind. 
The rapture, The Harpazo.
It will seem like a regular day and a war will break out in the middle east involving Israel. Just before or at the same time a strange thing will happen. It will be seen that many people will be missing.

The war will be short but very massive as Israel will be victorious gaining much territory surrounding them. The warring Palestinians will be gone and a temple will be built in honor to the Jew’s God and the remaining orthodox Jews will begin worshiping, as they did in days of old.

Because of the war, a people will arise with a leader obeying Israel’s want, that is  “no more wars against them“ Israel will be saying; “allow us to dwell securely” and it will be agreed to for seven years. Having seen that it was the Jew’s God that won the war for Israel, they will honor this agreement and promise to help to enforce this 7-year agreement.
These people will not be friendly to Israel, in fact they will be hostile to the Jew’s God.
Seeing the power of the Jew’s God having won this war in a spectacular way many will be going in and out of the land of Israel asking questions wondering about the Jews God. This will last for about three and a half years.

Midpoint the seven-year agreement will be broken, as Satan reveals himself and destroys the temple and at this time you have a start of a time of wars, battles for world leadership will begin.

At this same time, the middle of this seven-year period you will notice a large number of Israeli’s go missing. Satan will have attempted to destroy Israel but will not have succeeded. Israel will still be standing but it’s peace will be gone.

From this point there will be battles going on with many nations fighting for supremacy, an attempt will be made for a one world government, a one world religion and a one world money. This will lead to spiritual wars, biblical wars and manmade wars. Toward the end of the 7-year agreement a large portion will gather with-in the land of Israel and an attempt will be made to take the land from the Jews, the Jew’s God will step in again and prevent Israel demise and will bring an end to all wars. God’s Son Jesus will show up by placing His feet on the ground in the place called the Mount of Olives, this within Israel. God’s Son, Jesus with all those that went missing in the first removal (rapture, harpazo) will be with Him as He appears. God’s Son Jesus will reign as the ruler on this earth for one thousand years.    

Accept Jesus as your savior and avoid all of this.

John 3:16
Romans 10:9

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