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A no win for Israel

For Israel this is a no-win situation.

There is only one answer as who is to be in control of Israel at the end of the Gazan war. Israel!

Israel must tiptoe around this idea of staying in control of the Gaza Strip as it could lead to losing the support from some of the Arab countries along with, and most importantly losing support of America.

Recently in the news.US Secretary of State Antony Blinken participated in a summit last weekend with Jordan, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, the UAE, along with Qatar, who welcome the idea of returning control of the Gaza Strip to the Palestinian Authority.

This would mean, and in other words, Israel must give up its sovereignty again to the wants of the very people that are willing to allow a terrorist organization like Hamas to exist. Let's remember these leaders are the ones that are calling for a cease-fire and hopefully allowing Hamas to stay in power within the Gaza strip!

The more influential Arab countries that are in support of the Palestinian Authority and wanting the PA to take over the Gaza Strip is a bit suspicious. Let's remember the controlling party of Gaza was Hamas, and where did they get all their money and support from. Iran not only financially supported Hamas but was the main backer of the ideology of the complete annihilation and destruction of Israel and those other countries supposedly that are friendly to Israel, those other Arab countries, were willing to go right along with Iran.

If the United States and these Arab countries Get their Way, Israel will again have to surrender the Gaza Strip to a controlling party that has absolutely no desire to get along with Israel in any way shape or form. Let's keep in mind that the, PA run by Mahmoud Abbas and all the warring that's going on today within the West Bank, this is the party that wants to take over Gaza Strip.

For Israel to give into anything other than the absolute control of Gaza would be the same as giving the keys to the henhouse to its new watchmen the Fox.

Let's recap and summarize.

For Israel to accomplish a task, finish a war that allows Israel to become a sovereign state is unacceptable to the United States or the so-called friendly Arab countries.

And I am sorry to say but there is no real solution to this from a secular standpoint of view. No man, men, powers or nations are going to be able to rightly fix this.

Israel is at a dead end.

For those that are following Bible Scripture of end-times will now begin to see the answer to all of this. It is noted in Psalm 83 that God is asked to step in and fix a problem, and this problem mirrors what is being said and happening today in Israel and is an unfulfilled prophecy.

It is understood that the Jew's God will step in and fix all of this for Israel. An absolute Divine- Intervention. We are in end-times, don’t doubt this. And yes there is really an answer to all of this. Psalm 83

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Nov 14, 2023

Thank you Ross, this pretty much sums it up. Appreciate you for sharing these nuggets of truth with us. Shalom


Nov 14, 2023

God's timing is perfect-- always! keep looking Up! Home soon, brothers & sisters!! it's hard to fathom we will be with Jesus! and Home with all the saints!! Absolutely thrilling!!!



Diane Bergschneider
Diane Bergschneider
Nov 14, 2023

I really appreciate your deep dive analysis of the situation in sync with scripture and current events in Israel. Yes, we are definitely in end times and we are all awaiting the sound of the trump! So exciting...isn't it? To be alive during this time is truly a gift from the Lord. Maranatha my friends!!! 🙏


Nov 14, 2023

Time seems to be running out, but God will intervene in his perfect timing. It is so amazing to see everything unfold right before our eyes! Thank you brother for all you do! 🙏💕🙏

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