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A quick catch-up on the news pertaining to Israel.

No immediate military reprisal toward Iran.

It is now become even more obvious Biden is intervening with Israel’s military operations leading us to wonder about the real intentions of the US and Israel's sovereignty. The next few days will be very telling.

US agrees to Israel's limited move toward Rafah if Israel holds off from its military retaliation or its move against Iran. Remember this isn’t going to make God happy. Israel for now, there will be no strike on Iran, at least until after Passover. We’ll see.

Tanks being sent into Gaza as Israel begins a military move toward Hama within Gaza Strip. In the last few days several explosions have been heard coming from the strip. Several, missile launch sites hit.

Lebanon / Hezbollah continues tit for tat. Even though a very dangerous tit for tat.

19 Israeli’s hospitalized after drone strike in Northern Israel. Israel retaliates. Two Hezbollah terror group members killed in response.

Israel “Don’t Fight” - Israel “Stop all military action” - Israel stand down says the international community.


From a Christian’s standpoint.

I think the bible has it right. The Jew’s God will take care of all of this and then some. God’s response and promise? Psalm 83. God’s will be done.

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