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Afghanistan and Bible Prophecy, America and It's leadership.

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Sep 04, 2021

Hi Ross.

My name is Ariel (liuton2005) on youtube. I commented on one of your videos but I can't reply back because youtube continually deletes my reply comments.

Please write to my email: ariel[dot]demian[dot]88[at]gmail[dot]com

I believe, and many others do, that the j-a-b is an essential part of the mark of the beast.

To indicate 666 in the Bible Apostle John wrote the three letters in greek: χξϛ

ϛ 6 stigma - It means to mark, to brand, to injéct.

ξ 60 csi - Derives from Phoenician letter "samekh" which means a support stake, a support peg, a post or a base. The shape of the Phoenician letter looks like a syrìnge while the shape of the Greek letter looks…

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