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An attempt at peace, End-Time prophecies.

As many come together declaring a answer to the problem of Israel and the Palestinians, listen very carefully, for what they are saying may very well be explained in an end-time prophecy. I'll explain, you decide.

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May 21, 2023

Bingo!! This makes soOOO much sense, Ross! Thank you for gathering all this info on the Arab League summit that occurred this past Friday! to me? it seems 'this' could very well 'be' that timing of 'when they shall say peace and safety' ! this could very well be the evidence of all those surrounding nations coming together to push for peace and safety by stressing the 'importance and goal' is to have a two state solution. Wow! we Are this close to being called Up! Thank you for today's fellowship and study! i am so excited! oh, and i do thank you for the written transcript of what you are reading from, as i am one…

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