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Another bible prophecy unfolding.

Israel's next move could lead to a greater war, this war could be part of a prophecy happening, we should be paying attention.

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Joann Graham
Joann Graham
13 jul 2023

ROSS.....LOOKING for synchronized watching UK/NATO/RUSSIA developments as well....CHINA/TAWAIIN(Japan) as well as NORTH KOREA (Prophecy) and IRAN-SYRIA only to validate the SERIOUSNESS of ISRAEL'S latest developments. IT does appear all are escalating at the same pace. The point, they are ALL escalating. "Also of interest"....more saying that the BRICS CONFERENCE is where the 10 KINGS are coming from...again bringing events closer to NOW. They currently have 5 members and are only inducting 5 more....and, last there is an event more on the celestial level happening on or around the 17th...this is the event that supposedly precedes Luke 21:26....many are saying. GOD BLESS

p.s. 17 states are expected to see the northern lights tonight....Thursday.

Me gusta
14 jul 2023
Contestando a

Thanks Joann

It seems the whole world is being affected.

Me gusta
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