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Current events, Gaza, West Bank, Lebanon.

As we begin to see and hear the news and information coming out of Israel and that of the Gazan strip as the war continues on its 40th day. Some good news makes the headlines, but on the other hand much caution and more work needed to finish this war.

Looking at some of the current events.

Latest in the news and some of the headlines’

Nearly 300,000 people rally in Washington for Israel, the largest Pro Israel rally within history. We'll keep an eye on this to see its outcome. Good, Bad?

Israeli forces have moved within the main Gaza hospital area and including moving into the hospital finding weapons that could have been used by Hamas, this is seen as concrete evidence of Hamas using the hospital for its ongoing operations of terror, its main infrastructure. The importance of finding the weapons gives legitimacy by law for Israel to enter the hospital. Within the hospital, there are videos and pictures of Israeli troops delivering much-needed medical supplies including incubators for the newborn and these incubators can be used for transport to other hospitals if needed. Israel continues to be friendly to the Palestinian people, interesting to note this is infuriating the enemies of Israel.

Its becoming apparent that the northern part of Gaza is under control of the IDF, however work still needs to be done to locate and destroy all the tunnels and continue to be on the look-out for pockets of resistance. Dangerous stuff.

It also has been reported that fuel for the first time, from the start of the war fuel trucks are entering into Gaza and this from its southern border. An indication that Israel has accomplished much of its goals and no longer sees a threat from Hamas getting fuel. Another positive sign.

Still posing a threat to Israel is Hezbollah within Lebanon as we continue to hear day by day there is no let up on the skirmishes between Lebanon and Israel. It's mostly understood that this can only continue to get worse, time will tell.

The continued search within the West Bank by Israel's protective powers continuing to find and eliminate terror cells. The more this continues the more that we see Mahmoud Abbas, the leader of the Palestinian Authority’s decline, not only its authority but its power. This creates the bigger question, who will control the Gaza Strip when the war is over? doubtful the PA will be selected for this leadership role.

All this selected news has something to do with Israel and it being in end-times. God has told us to be aware of time just like this and we discuss this in my you-tube channel.

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Nov 15, 2023

i'd like to believe that we are witnessing long labor pains and the child is really wanting to come out (Rev 12:2), that the dragon's tail dragged 1/3 of his force against the woman (Rev 12:4) as the dragon is ready to devour the child. interesting that we are hearing/watching this war surrounding a hospital currently and it's all about rescuing the babies, infants...hmmm. any hour/day now.

Nov 15, 2023
Replying to

Interesting perspective about the babies. Hadn't made that connection. Very good incite. Come Lord Yeshua. Shalom


Diane Bergschneider
Diane Bergschneider
Nov 15, 2023

Thank you, Ross, for this update...yes, a mix of good and bad news...but, uncertainty where this ends for Israel and what it will look like. God bless you for your gift of discernment and wisdom...we thank you abundantly, Father God and also from your channel family!! 💕

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