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Forward thinking, Israel's strength is growing.

Forward thinking, Israel’s strength is growing.

I visualize Prime Minister Netanyahu's attempt at elevating Israel to place it above all other nations and this includes America to a newfound level of pleasing the Jews God.

Something I have noted is that Netanyahu having to play politics in such a way that he is forced to hide what it is that he truly, really is wanting to do. However just a little reading between the lines and you can see what he's up to.

It is clear to me he wants to stay steadfast and in lockstep with America but knows under current circumstances that a two-state solution is not going to happen.

He wants to be congenial when talking to America about Iran, but he knows eventually he will have to stop Iran with or without America, which he more than likely sees the action of stopping Iran’s nuclear ambitions coming sooner than later.

Netanyahu also understands the great dangers of the accumulating warring factions within the West Bank and realizes the need of a much stronger response to stop this ongoing aggression. This going against the general consensus of the Arabs, and America.

Netanyahu also sees the need to reaffirm alliances with its partners in the middle east, particularly Saudi Arabia wanting to further normalization and at the same time realizes the tension between the Saudi's and the United States, he attempts to become a peace maker between the two. The whole-time knowing Israel and Saudi Arabia do not have a formal relationship but they, are both closely aligned against a common foe - Iran. Needless to say, Benjamin Netanyahu's hands are full.

With Benjamin Netanyahu's newfound popularity within Israel a question lies before us, will he be able to pull this off in such a way as to make Israel more secure within the middle east.

Understanding his new alliance and the building of his new coalition he has a very good chance, but at the very least we will see this pot of trouble that is brewing stirred up.

I can see the possibility of some major changes happening not only with in Israel but also with the warring factions surrounding Israel at this time. And if Benjamin Netanyahu gets his way, I can see the Arab World and the United States taking second seat to Netanyahu's politicking and they aren’t going to like it.

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