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Fulfilling a Prophesied, war. Psalm 83

Israel's attempted to remove all of Hamas within Gaza Strip is like digging a hole in the sand.

Israel's gallant attempt at removing all of Hamas from Gaza is at best, wishful thinking. Let's play this scenario out.

It’s become more than obvious even if Israel's IDF did finalize its complete elimination of Hamas, completely remove of all Hamas’ “warring faction” from the Gaza Strip, what next?

Within the West Bank you have the PLO, Palestinians Liberation Organization, Islamic jihadists, warring faction, Fatah, Muslim brotherhood, and many other warring factions sworn to the complete destruction of Israel wiping them off the map, as to be no longer be in remembrance.

Now, let's say Hamas is gone out of the Gaza Strip. But they are obviously very prevalent within Lebanon. Who is saying they are firing the missiles from Lebanon into Israel? Hamas. And we haven't even began to talk about the warring faction of Hezbollah, a much more powerful enemy to the north of Israel, also in Lebanon.

Now we have Iran's Revolutionary Guard Corps or IRGC, A large and powerful enemy, army of Iran's stationed in Syria and as we speak building in large numbers lining up on the border of Syria with Israel.

Keep in mind Syria is of great interest to Russia, so we can't rule out the idea of Russia becoming involved and or at least helping Syria and Iran.

Next, and again, let's keep in mind Jordan with its majority of Muslims Arabs, hating Israel and would have no problem joining in a major war should one break out against Israel.

Last but not least let's don't forget the Muslim brotherhood which occupies the greater part of lower Egypt, would they join in?

So, you can see that Israel is only scratching the surface of removing all the surrounding enemies.

Do we have an answer to all of this, I say we do if we continue to follow Scripture.

What is happening today is foretold in scripture and this scripture is an unfulfilled prophecy.

Asaph the prophet, saw in advance a situation very much like this and prophesied the solution. Psalms 83:9 do unto them as to the Midianites; as to Sisera, as to Jabin and at the brook of Kison:

This verse is in reference to a war where Israel was surrounded by its enemies and God delivered them from them, this is noted in Judges 6 and 7.

Psalm 83, we go on to read that Asaph, a prophet and writer of Psalm 83 makes a statement to God as what to do, and that is to remove all surrounding enemies once and for all, Verse 17 let them be confounded and troubled forever; ye, let them be put to shame, and parish:

Verse 18 that men may know that thou, whose name alone is Jehovah, art the most high over all the earth.

As I said from the beginning Israel attempting to remove its surrounding enemies on its own, its seen as an attempt at trying to dig a hole in the sand, the more you dig the more the sand just pours back into the hole. It will take a mighty act for Israel to remove all its surrounding enemies but that mighty act will be done by God and as we understand Scripture it will be a divine intervention of God.

Keeping in mind all of this is for a purpose. Once the enemies of Israel are completely removed this will allow Israel to build their new temple, this allowing for the next unfulfilled prophecies to take place. We are in a very momentous time; this is for sure. Look up for our time draws nigh.

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2 comentários

13 de nov. de 2023

i stand with you and Asaph, Ross!! Let God arise and his enemies be scattered!

May He have great mercy upon His land and people and all the peoples there, and may many turn to God and believe in his Son!



13 de nov. de 2023

What a mess Israel and the world at large is in. Israel surely would be totally destroyed,“but God.” I’m not sure if we will still be here when the Lord steps in to defend Israel, but it will be spectacular and bring much glory to Him! Who is like the Lord our God? Absolutely nothing is too difficult for Him! Thank you brother Ross for all you do. Your NH neighbor. 🙏😊🙏

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