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Holes in Damacus Airport runway halting all flights. What's Israel up to?

There's enough information out there now for us to be able to understand what happened in the Damascus international Airport in Syria. Their runways, yes more than one were left with holes yes more than one, three actually. This stopping all air traffic in and out of the airport. Some will say it's speculation that Israel is the one that did it and the rest of us will know, of course it was Israel.

So let's try to understand what's going on in the light of the last several days as I have been reporting to you on Israel's increased bombing within Syria and mostly around Damascus.

We’re understand the reason for Israel doing this is because there has been a serious increase in Iran's military movement and including Syria, both showing signs of weapons build-up filling depots with weapons and also using civilian flights by Iran to move weapons into Lebanon. Yes. Iran is using civilian flights for military purposes.

Sometimes a warning shot over the bow of a boat is enough to get people's attention. But when you shoot a bullet through the boat that's a whole another level of seriousness. The best way to put it is the bullets, yes more than one shot through the boat is the equivalent to, the holes in the runway and are meant for all those paying attention, Israel is serious. Past article, Israel's sovereignty.

Go back to some of my latest articles and you will read how this is been building up and Israel is not going to take it any longer, this is becoming obvious.

To finish up the day in Damascus will be getting further reports on the damage that was done to the weapons depots of Iran with-in Damascus and it seems at this time some very significant damage has been done showing Israel is getting more serious and is escalating. This will be interesting because I doubt Syria, and or Iran can let this go unanswered.

Back to a wait-and-see. See some of my past articles to help to get caught up,

There's always humor if you look in the right places and if this wasn't so serious it has to be up there in the top of crazy funny. Russia's foreman minister condemned and called it a vicious practice of Israel strikes on civilian infrastructure and called it provocative in violation of a basic norm of international laws. It's been a long time since I've seen or heard this height of pure hypocrisy, so much so I couldn't help but just laugh at how dumb that sounds coming out of Russia after taking in consideration the war with Ukraine.

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1 Comment

Jun 11, 2022

Thank you for the update. I've been watching for details about the most recent bombings on the Damascus airport. I know of some potholes here in GA that could rival the potholes in Damascus! 😊

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