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Is the coming of the rapture upon us?

We are in the end of end times, too much is happening in Israel to ignore, Israel's sovereignty is under attack. A response will be needed before long, and that response will be a war and just before, the rapture.

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Joann Graham
Joann Graham
2023年7月02日 your post today....I DO BELIEVE YOU ANSWERED MY QUESTION....we are seeing everything coming together ...all of the proxys....joining together finally for the common goal of getting rid of their minds for good....and, ceasing to fight among themselves.


Joann Graham
Joann Graham

ARE all the "surrounding" in "alliance" with each other....with EGYPT and SAUDI ARABIA...remembering ...all of them must come together for the Palms 83...all the proxys of IRAN.

IS that happening as well. SUNNI-SHIITES for example...they must come together with THE ONE GOAL THAT ISRAEL SHOULD BE WIPED OFF THE MAP.

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