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Israel is smarter than most think.

Israel is smarter than most think! Is America going to be pacified, Israel acceding to their demands?

How else could the IDF remove the refuges from Rafah?

At the same time feed the Palestinians in a way seen by all. 355 trucks full of food entered Gaza Strip Sunday. More gateways opening to allow more supplies and food in.

Next, allowing the Palestinians to return to their land. There goes all those in Rafah, headed home.


Removing most all troops from Gaza giving leeway to a new level of Hamas thinking it could regroup.

Giving Hamas a feeling of victory, = more giving in their demands for the hostages return, or more willing to negotiate, subjecting Hamas to pressure from those aligning with Hamas, like Qatar, Egypt and of course the US.

Making more sense.

Israel will now appear to be aligning with Hamas’ demands.

Could this lead to a deal for some of the hostages to be release and if so, appeasing those in Israel to be comforted in seeing progress of the hostage deal, this among the Israeli people?

Israel and Hamas delegations along with terror group’s deputy chief of Gaza, invited by Egypt, reportedly arrived in Cairo on Sunday following the arrival of the head of the US delegation. The other two mediator countries, Egypt and Qatar, were respectively represented.

US presenting a new draft proposal Sunday night; noting all sides are exhibiting greater flexibility than before, and that the American pressure is crucial to arrive at an agreement.

By leaving some troops in Gaza, this allowing Israel to go on defense rather than offence allow them to continue to search for the hostages and Sinwar, the head chief and leader of the terrorist group in Gaza. As Hamas begins to move around and be reorganize to their where a-bouts, this alone, allowing them to be seen, bringing them out of hiding so to speak and literally. Example, Al-Shifa hospital in Gaza, Israel watched as Hamas regrouped, waited until the last moment and pounced on them like a cat on a mouse in a box.

Israel is smarter than most think.

1 Thessalonians 5:3.

Could this bring about many saying Peace and Safety?

For more on this see video.

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1 Comment

Diane Bergschneider
Diane Bergschneider
Apr 08

Lots to consider and think's game of patience and chess...wait to see more unfold to know what's next. So many moving parts to the story. God bless all who visit this site...need a little more patience yet. 🙏

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