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Israel outwitting the Biden administration. The war goes on!

The last week of Israel’s intense battle within Rafah, the most southern part of the Gaza Strip is being said will be slowing down as to limit the number of civilian casualties. Netanyahu, the Prime Minister in talks with the United States has agreed to more pinpointed strikes.

In as intense negotiation Israel has also agreed to a limited amount of control by the Palestinian Authority within the Gaza Strip at the end of the war. This is new.

These two agreements or submission to America is seen by me as a tactical move that Netanyahu was planning from the very beginning explaining the massive amount of bombardment within the Gaza Strip as of late. The Israeli administration, war cabinet, had to have anticipated this and now will look like Israel is slowing down the war offensive and agreeing to Hamas demands, this of course opening the door to further negotiations ‘, either way Israel can continue with less condemnation from America and other countries.

By agreeing to the Palestinians having some control of Gaza at the end of the war will open the door for continued discussions about a cease-fire. Talk is cheap. This seen as a win, win for Israel, as Israel can continue the war at a normal pace and maybe, and this is a big maybe, Hamas will agree to a cease fire allowing the release of some of the hostages. This This should pacify America's negotiation team which of course includes Egypt.

It's becoming apparent that America has entered into a battle of wits with Israel and came unarmed. This is equivalent to the difference between a high-speed bowling ball hitting the center pen or a slow-moving bowling ball hitting the center pen, either way a strike is imminent.

The third point of contention of needed humanitarian aid at this time is being met overwhelmingly, this in turn gives very little credit to those still claiming the starvation problem within Gaza, again at America's expense to have built a Bridge a waterway to land for the delivery of food, medical supplies and goods in this oceanside waterfront. This in turn again appeasing America. It's amazing how Netanyahu can give America what Israel wants.

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Diane Bergschneider
Diane Bergschneider
May 21

Thankyou, Ross, for this perspective...I am cautiously optimistic that Israel will get what it needs at the same time appeasing America's demands. If there is limited control given to the PA in Gaza at some point, the warring will not truly cease even if in a 'controlled' way. Talk is cheap for sure. Hamas will only become more ruthless. I am also cautious about the hostages releases/demise, too. You can't trust the devil? Lots of 'ifs' for sure in my view. Our Lord will be protecting Israel but, it's beyond our understanding how that will look. God's blessings to you, Ross, and thank you for your diligence in these troubling times and keeping us focused in the final …

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