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Israel under a microscope, A systematic change.

The American regime.

A systematic change to socialism with future aspirations of communalistic control, an authoritarian power.

Today’s US administration, An Ideology that opposes being controlled by the people.

The current government (Biden’s liberal administration) is telling everyone they know best how to run the government, even if it’s not what the people want, saying people don’t need control of the decision making with-in our democratic party. People’s opinion not wanted.

They believe this so much that they are willing to manipulate the elections as to place themselves in power, no matter what the people say, do, or want.

The American people are told to wait and see what the leadership is going to do next as this government forced it way into power, the people really have no other choice.

So, what is it that this current political power want?


In America we are supposed to have a government controlled by the people, for the people. This, in today’s world would means to use the constitution as a guide to rule the people. This is no longer in play.

America’s new ideology was being spoon-fed to the old outgoing leaders of Israel and they were gulping it down. After all, can’t we just all get along?

The new incoming leader Netanyahu is saying “hold on a minute” not so fast. Netanyahu is going to hold on to what the people have said they want and elected him to do.

A new problem,

This brings into play a conflict between America and Israel and will bleed over into the two-state solution wanted by many, this including most of the Arab countries. After all can’t we just all get along?

These countries will side along with the US is hopes of persuading Israel to give in to a land and power grab of the Palestinians. A persuasive wave giving more popularity and power daily to the enemies of Israel.

Netanyahu’s problem!

This as a time when the leadership of the newly elect is giving to the wants of the people.

The people.

Israel is tired and patience wearing thin wanting an end to the constant brutal attracts by the warring factions surrounding them. (West Bank, Gaza) Netanyahu’s newly formed coalition is taking on a new approach, and that is to confront the Palestinian problem with a newfound sense of police and military power. Netanyahu is saying “no” we can’t get along as long as they keep killing innocent Jews.

A line in the sand has been drawn and we’ll have to wait and see where this is going but from my standpoint it looks like two trains going head-to-head on the same track.

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Sondra S
Sondra S
Dec 29, 2022

If their primary goal is a temple so they can sacrifice, and a "messiah", in order to come into right standing with God, I would look at who is preventing that from happening. That obstacle, nation or nations, must either be removed by force or they must come to an agreement with them allowing them to move forward.


Dec 28, 2022

reading yesterday and today's articles from 'the times of Israel', it seems to me that pressure is also building within Israeli parties as well, with many who didn't get a position in the newly formed government seem ticked off. pressure outside and pressure within. do you think Israel could be hit with a surprise attack before Netanyahu is sworn in??

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