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Keeping scriptures in focus, an end-time timeline.

Israel's ongoing Gazan war to eliminate Hamas terrorist organization continues. Even though the Israeli defense force, IDF are doing an excellent job at eradicating Hamas terrorists and have gained control of large parts of Gaza, still, a long way to go. Very problematic are the hidden Hamas terrorist cells underground in a vast labyrinth of tunnels. This allows Hamas to move around undetected and able to use surprise attacks which are making it difficult for the IDF to claim some areas making them Hamas free. The fighting continues.

Maps of Gaza changing daily showing Israel's military advancement making some areas safe, (complete elimination of terrorists), even large swaths of land.

Up to date, has cost the IDF 65 fallen soldiers.

With indisputable truth using pictures, videos and admission from doctors inside the largest hospital (Shifa) in Gaza and this includes the now verified tunnels below the hospital being used by the terrorist organization as Hamas’ headquarters and are showing where some of the hostages were temporarily held.

This should help to eliminate some of the negative campaigning, propaganda toward Israel and further support for Israel's ongoing, now and always has been, Legitimate military activity in and around all hospitals.


The ongoing talks for a hostage deal as it moves towards the front of news, however according to Netanyahu it's still on the back burner meaning it's going to take a little more time to be realized. It appears that Israel's military (special ops) may be closing in on the location of the hostages.

Missiles and drones flying from Lebanon into Israel from Lebanon's Iran backed Hezbollah terror group showing a daily increase in hostility and aggression towards the state of Israel.

Terrorist attacks against Israelis in the West Bank are being thwarted every day, the increase of these attacks is being noted. These attacks by Iran's proxies in Iraq, Syria and Yemen are showing no signs of letting up.

All of this showing that even though Israel is displaying great military strength in Gaza Strip it has a much bigger problem brewing and that is, will it be able to withstand a multi-front war from these other terrorist organizations surrounding Israel?


The first half of the tribulation is made obvious that Israel will build a temple and begin sacrificing, this is an unfulfilled prophecy making it, absolute and will take place. This makes it necessary for Israel's surrounding enemies to be eliminated and is seen in Psalm 83 as Asaph the prophet describes what is happening today within Israel and also gives the solution. We patiently wait - it won't be long now before God decides to step in and set-up Israel to have the ability to build a temple and begin sacrificing. All of this in Scripture, Psalm 83. Other scripture supporting.

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Pam Phillips
Pam Phillips
Nov 21, 2023

Love that you’re doing more updates on here. Really helps me understand what’s going on when things seem so erratic.


Nov 20, 2023

Great update, Ross! thank you! patiently waiting, steady the course. Maranatha !!


Diane Bergschneider
Diane Bergschneider
Nov 20, 2023

I will continue to be patient through these trying times and await our Lord's call at His perfect time. I encourage all who visit this site to do the same; time is short for His call. Maranatha, my dear friends in Jesus Christ. 🙏

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