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Middle East growing in strength, Lawless Israel, loved ones, are they saved?

The questions are going to be great and plentiful.

What happens to those who believe in God and His Son after the Great tribulation? Or after their death that did not believe while they were alive but now do believe. Should they be punished with burning in hell forever? Clarification, I’m not suggesting what God should do, only trying figuring what scriptures says.

Those who died and where brought back to life but now do believe, (the Great White Thrown Judgment) think about it, there standing before God, they would say now that I see you God I believe in you. Would they be thrown in to the lake of fire?

Remembering scripture “for those who believe without seeing would receive the gift of eternal life (the Gospel) not having to go through the wrath of God during the tribulation. But what about those who died before not ever believing, would they be in the same category as all other none believers, so what is their punishment?

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