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Missile strikes and chicken coops

Israel's air strike on two chicken farms on July 1 at about midnight. I'm going to assume those chickens had it coming. But I don’t think this is a game of chicken.

On a coastal Syrian village near the border with Lebanon Israel strikes with two missiles.

Not to make too much light of this as it appears a couple of civilians were wounded.

So, there must be something a little deeper going on here.

Remember what happened on June 10 when Israel struck on the international airport in the Syrian capital of Damascus causing significant damage. Keep in mind Iran has been one of Assad’s strongest backers with-in the Syrian territory. Israel sent a strong message. We won’t allow you to use civilian flights to transport weapons.

The reason may very well be that Iran is building troops close to the Lebanon border, but yet within Syria to further build troops in what Israel sees in the future an evitable war. This seemingly odd strike is not really that odd when you figure that Israel is seeing something that must have been as a serious threat towards Israel. It's been noted that Lebanon has increased its activity along the border with Israel and its enemies are getting even closer. This should be seen as a clear warning that the war between Hezbollah, one of Iran's backed proxies must be getting ready for something, or at least more obvious, something will happen sooner than later. Israel sent a strong message, again.

As keeping with scripture, Psalm 83 war.

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2 comentários

Cash Devers
Cash Devers
03 de jul. de 2022

I'm wondering if Israel's rather tentative leadership will result in a sort of paralysis in making major decisions?


Mike Pennino
Mike Pennino
02 de jul. de 2022

Something is brewing for sure. I still believe that by end of summer to end of year will be very telling as to where we are on the prophetic timeline to the point that there should be no doubt for the believer.

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