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Our faith, our belief. A special death in end-times.

A growing anxiousness among Christians, a special feeling of knowing something, is it all in God's plan? We took all into account and made sense of it using scripture. I'll let you decide.

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Joann Graham
Joann Graham
Jul 02, 2023

We must be close...the people (NWO)...just put out their 2nd video in 12 years...last one was PET GOAT(their timeline) also.....the ALIEN coverup is already out there ready to go.......ROSS....I feel that alot of what we as the BRIDE is ANTICIPATION....of going where we have never unprecedented journey....going to OUR bunker....."HEAVEN"..............NUKES HERE...NUKES THERE....EVERYWHERE A NUKE NUKE.....NOW, ITS JUST A MATTER OF TIME....GOD MADE IT PERFECTLY CLEAR...WE WILL NOT BE HERE. Vision the CROSS and what it means. IT IS WRITTEN. GOD BLESS YOU AND ALL YOU HAVE DONE.


Jul 02, 2023

My husband‘s job is to restores vintage Land Rovers. Your analogy of restoring a vehicle from those about to be crushed really hit home.

Philippians 1:6 came to mind. There was just so much about this video that I liked and identified with.

God bless you bro Ross and thank you for all you do in His service.…..

your NH neighbor. 🙏💕🙏

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