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Peace treaty, cease fire in the works. Are they saying peace and safety.

The pressure is on, Israel's threat of war in Gaza is working. What does this have to do with scripture?

Hamas, studying Israel’s Latest Truce Counterproposal. What! Hamas in now wanting to talk! This was unheard of a week ago. Things are beginning to happen.

Earlier this week, the US and 17 other nations pressed Hamas to release their citizens who are missing or held hostage in Gaza. Though a steep hill to climb, serious attempts will be made to revive a cease-fire or a truce of some sort in attempt to release the hostages and to bring in more humanitarian aid, goods into the Strip.

Reported on Wednesday that Hamas would lay down its arms if a Palestinian state is established along pre-1967 borders but would not back down from its demands for an end to the war in Gaza and full withdrawal of Israeli forces, which Israel has refused.

The table is turning around. Israel’s next move to an offensive on Rafah brings pressure on Hamas, Palestinian militant group to reach a truce. It’s becoming apparent Israel is willing to hold off the Rafah incursion if Hamas is willing to let go of some if not all the hostages.

Ongoing talks between Israel and Hamas being mediated by the US, Egypt and Qatar are leading us to believe.

Hamas would be willing to Disarm if a Palestinian State Is Established. If we know anything about the future of Israel and this make very clear and this through scripture, this will not, cannot happen, so how close are we to a major interruption or an intervention by the Jew’s God? Psalm 83

You can begin to see the added pressure on Israel to make a deal, the threat from, of Israel to war is adding pressure on Hamas. The Egyptians are pressuring Hamas as they are increasingly concerned about a possible Israeli military operation in Rafah causing a breach of the border that would endanger Egypt's security and are making a last-minute push for a hostage deal that would lead to a ceasefire in Gaza and stop an invasion of Rafah.

The question is when one side will or the other finally agree to a something, for if they do will they be saying peace and safety. 1 Thessalonians 5:3 then sudden destruction.

Talks are under way as we speak and are to continue throughout next week.

Folks let's keep paying attention as things are beginning to move in Israel.

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3 Yorum

Melissa Cundiff
Melissa Cundiff
28 Nis

Glad to find your website! Thank you for your work.


27 Nis

Thank you, Ross! on the edge of my seat..watching, waiting and listening! soon!! God bless you!


Diane Bergschneider
Diane Bergschneider
27 Nis

Good morning, Ross. Thankyou for this latest assessment of the Israel situation...I will keep focused with my eyes and ears with the ongoing activity there. Amir says that there is lots of "humanitarian aid" in Gaza- food, primarily and no more is seen on his telegram. Interesting for sure and difficult to discern the dates of the photos...but, regardless, will stay tuned to the situation. I do sense that Bibi is holding the IDF back the Rafah offensive for a little time. And, time will surely tell the next event.

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