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Prophecies coming together.

The closer we get to the rapture the more revealed. Using scripture to understand the war in Israel, what's next? I'll explain you decide.

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robert Sharp
robert Sharp
19 de out. de 2023

Hey Brother Ross it's been a long time since we spoke, all the way back a few years with the "breaking of the water", conversation we had together but to let you know I haven't missed a video not one.

Regarding: Psalm 83:9-11

(Hint) Israel is calling this there 911

Psalm 83: 8, is very very important Ross use the Selah wisely (Take in great thought for a minute!) Asaph used the name Assur not Assyrian for a reason, he wants to take you to a certain place in mind that the Assur and also the Assyrians do ( witchcraft, sorcery). There is also more then one type of dung, animal feces, and princess of Satan. Matthew 12: 24-27 (important)

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