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Psalm 83, Iran's proxies. Wars in Israel

Psalm 83, A time of war. Prophecy fulfilling.

Psalm 83 influence A world-wide spiritual game changer.

Iran’s proxies, Iran’s influence is eroding, slipping away; what is Iran going to do?

Iran's proxy Houthis within Yemen drawing greater attention to itself by declaring it would join Iran's proxy Hamas with-in the Gaza Strip. Israel claims it has a magnifying glass view of Yemen and is on high alert.

Within the Gaza Strip Hamas appears it has lost much of its power and or its ability to be able to resist Israel's overthrow, this being said by many military specialists and are agreeing.

Hezbollah within Lebanon is claiming they will enter a war with Israel to further Hamas’ support, however it appears this is something they should have done a long time ago as it seems Hamas to be standing on its last leg. Some would say a little late for that.

For some reason and maybe for many reasons it appears Iran's proxy Hezbollah is hesitating, exactly why no one is sure of.

West Bank within Israel seems to have many different warring factures and some of these are supported by Iran and some by other Arab countries but appear not to be as great of a threat but more of an ongoing threat.

Psalm 83 is not a war in itself is much as it is a time of a especial war, (wars). As Asaph the prophet speaking with God has described a time that we should be looking for and other Scriptures lead us to understand the great significance of this period of time. As this special time passes, we will see this opens the door to a new time, a new era in time as - the Jews God reveals himself to the Jews (the world) for a very specific reason, as to further usher in other unfulfilled prophecies.

Back to Iran proxies, it's warring factions that are assembled, built, designed to eliminate Israel's existence will be eliminated once and for all allowing this new and very special era of time for Israel, as to be free from its surrounding enemies. Other scriptures give us the reason why this must take place, and this furthers us going forward into other scriptures. This for another time.

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Nov 10, 2023

Thank you, Ross, for summing up what appears to be happening/not happening; i think the proxies are all awaiting the word from their leader to attack and maybe already 'know' when that day will be; they are just holding off for the moment. i truly believe we are within hours of it all going down. i'm going to throw this out there, but i truly believe the day 'they' have set has ties with the day 'they' (being who's running the whole world system) chose for the death of jfk. do i think it's that day? no. they use a lot of numbers and calendars to signal to each other, but i do believe the connections is about that da…


Diane Bergschneider
Diane Bergschneider
Nov 10, 2023

Thankyou, Ross, for this assessment of Psalm 83...a collection of wars/clashes and still going on. God bless you...Maranatha!! 🙏

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