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Rapture first, God's purpose and timing. Revelation 12.

The Gaza war is a precursor, a sign given to us as to when God will deliver Israel from its surrounding enemies. The rapture first.

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Nicholas van Wyk
Nicholas van Wyk
Jan 02

Hi Ross, appreciate you taking time to interpret the Bible. At 20 min you mention that Satan was cast out into the Earth. But Satan and his falen angels have been travelling between Heaven and the Earth since the beginning of Earth? Otherwise there would not have been any sin... Satan and his angels are cast out for 1000 years after 3.5 years of the 7 years of tribulation. They are released after the 1000 years to accuse and gather their forces once more, this is why a new Heaven and new Earth is created, to burn away any remnant of him and his angels on Earth and in Heaven.

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