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Should the Chruch's be talking about this? Update, Israel's wars.

Northern Israel bordering Lebanon, Hamas, Hezbollah. continues taunting Israel.

Early morning Saturday 18th a barrage of 20+ rockets were fired from Lebanon into Israel landing in open fields, no damaged reported. Next note: they were rockets not missiles. Hezbollah has highly advanced precision targeting missile capability, more than likely this was done by Hamas.

Shortly after the rockets were fired the Israeli Defense Force struck and killed the cell behind the attack. Israel remains on high alert.

The importance of this is an understanding that should Hezbollah decide to go full frontal attack against Israel, it's very doubtful that Israel would not sustain major damage.

Think and understand, Psalm 83.

Within Gaza Strip, Hamas is still able to fire rockets, this happened Friday. The IDF carried out strikes against dozens of targets. Including weapons production labs, rocket launch sites and what they believe to be Hamas command posts throughout the strip. Even though Israel is claiming great success in the overthrow of Hamas within the Gaza Strip it's becoming apparent that this will take some time, months maybe.

Much propaganda regarding fuel being let into the Gaza Strip. Many feel this will aid Hamas making it harder and more dangerous for Israel to continue.

The real reason for the fuel being led into Gaza is for the refrigeration of the dead along with needed machinery, delivery trucks and other to support operations needed to help deliver food, water, and other necessities throughout the strip. Without the ability to bury the dead its possible for deadly diseases to begin to spread.

West Bank. Terror cells keep forming and continue to be built by the terrorists with in. As the IDF continue to search, and cells being found, note urgent concern, as they were in the progress of getting ready to attack Israel. In a continued West Bank operation to eliminate the cells, fighting occurred killing a number of terrorists. This is on-going. This brings up the question; what will have to happen to stop all this warring in West Bank?

Think, understand Psalm 83.

An overall understanding of what is happening to Israel, the way it is happening, the severity, the outcome can only be seen as an ongoing serious major problem for Israel with no real end in sight. If we are to keep up with Scripture and the study of and-times all this is seen and explained. Even though there is much to understand, and it would take many scriptures, however for now we can focus in on a profit by the name of Asaph that described this situation most perfectly. The outcome is noted as God steps in and solves all that is happening within Israel, today!

Are we close to a divine intervention on this earth involving God's promised land to the Jews, God creating a solution to further His ultimate plan of Israel remaining in its land through eternity.

I say yes.

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Nov 18, 2023

i say 'yes' ! i would think Israel is worn down and can't go on like this too much longer. when will God step in?


Will Smith
Will Smith
Nov 18, 2023

Spell check of CHURCHES in headline. :^)


Diane Bergschneider
Diane Bergschneider
Nov 18, 2023

The war is fierce on all fronts and the IDF is trying to keep up....I pray that God intervenes soon as from a military perspective, this 'tumult' will last a very long time. When does God say 'enough is enough'!

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