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The drones of war, Russia to Israel-no, Iran's nuclear agreement

The pressure continues.

Three drones sent from Lebanon toward Israeli oil, gas drilling rig, Israel seeing this just falling short of an act of war. Israel sees no difference then if they were loaded with explosives.

Hezbollah claiming responsibility saying the three drones were only for recognizance, To the humiliation of Hezbollah the drones never even got close to the drilling rig as Israel’s missile defense system shot them out of the air.

Because of this Israel's Prime Minister off to a meeting with French president Macron, a mediator between the two, (Israel and Lebanon) to warn Lebanon, Hezbollah as to how close they came to a retaliation by Israel, Israel said the return to such an action again would be massive within Lebanon. A stern warning and again and obvious problem with no real end insight other than a major war.

Through Bible prophecy we see the surrounding enemies of Israel are not going to quit testing the waters. Answer? Psalm 83


Israel using Lebanon and Syria airspace to launch attacks against the accumulation of weapons by Iran and Hezbollah, in turn these weapons will eventually be used in a war against Israel, Obviously Israel knows this and has used surface to surface along with air to surface missiles to destroy caches of ammunition and to stop Iran from shipping them. Seen as an example only a short time ago Israel destroyed Damascus international Airport runway.

Russian Pres. Putin has just made it clear that Israel may no longer use Syrian airspace clamming this is against Syria's sovereignty. This will only encourage and embolden Iran and its proxies to further its strength for a future war with Israel.

Birthing pains increasing.


Iran's nuclear agreement, is it possible a deal could still be worked out?

I find it very interesting that Iran would like to continue the talks as to conclude some sort of a deal that would allow Iran to have sanctions lifted. And I find it more interesting that Iran wants to wait until after Biden's meeting with Saudi Arabia, the Palestinians and Israel, set to happen on July 14-18.

My main reason for bringing this up as I have a very separate, from most others, take on what is really happening here. I hope you'll be patient with me as I'll go into more detail in a video as this can get very complex. I see this want by Iran to continue the talks very interesting and I think I can align this with Bible prophecy events of end times. For now, let me say, It’s not what most think.

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