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The fatal wound,

The fatal wound, who could it be?

During the war in Revelation 12:7 Satan is not present on this earth so Satan gives his power to someone for 3 1/2 years who is the leader of many. Revelation 13:1-5. The fatal wound is more than likely the Islam movement which came back alive or the Taliban in Afghanistan as it has grown back into power, suddenly, unexpectedly. (The third religion, Islam.) This set up brings about a need for a leader in the middle east and this need is great. The fatal wound = Islam. Much more on this soon. How do you see it?

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Mike Pennino
Mike Pennino
24 nov 2021

I’m not convinced yet. I’m interested in what you have to say on this subject. I’m more of the belief that Satan will want to mimic our Lord as much as possible. Could it be that a leader with great power will arise, be mortally wounded and come back to life when in dwelt by Satan himself, then declare himself god in the temple? I personally am not surprised by the Talibans return to power for they never were “defeated” more like kept at bay. Islam has reared it’s ugly head now for decades especially since 9/11. The pope’s attempt to unite the three main religions is probably why people of all faiths will accept this leader to begin with…

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