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These warring times are meant to be understood.

Gaza war. Daily humanitarian pause.

Recent news about the humanitarian pause.

Hamas is not allowed, able to force the Palestinians to be used as human shields as their power is waning.

Human shield hostages freeing themselves from the grip of Hamas, this is due to the expanding IDF heavy fighting. We know from news reports Shifa hospital within Gasa, is being used by Hamas and is also their main command center which they have located under the hospital. Most believe this to be the location of the 239 plus Israel hostages. It has been reported that Israeli troops are closing in and actually have the hospital in site.

The importance of this is Israeli military being able to protect the civilians that have been sheltering within or near the compound and Israel is even coordinating and protecting the Palestinians as they move by creating a safe path for them to head south, freeing them from being used as human shields, protect them from Hamas.

A clear sign that Hamas is unable to defend itself.

The significance of all of this is, that it's becoming apparent that there will be an end to the Gaza war, hopefully sooner than later.

What’s next, West Bank, Lebanon?

West Bank is a hotbed for Israel’s hating warring factions.

An attempt at stabilizing the West Bank would be seen as futile as the warring factions within have sworn (as in Gaza) to eliminate Israel that its name no longer be in remembrance.

Bible Prophecies foretold these wars.

Up to weeks, maybe months before the end of the war in Gaza. Really! How about a sudden end, as all at once, as when God steps-in and solves this whole surrounding enemy hatred towards Israel.

Let's not forget Psalm 83. God has a plan, and it will be enacted in a time of His choosing.

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Diane Bergschneider
Diane Bergschneider
Nov 11, 2023

So true, Ross, and I believe in my heart....'at the right time' our Lord will step in. No 'pause' will make any difference to the world. Jesus is and will always be sovereign with perfect timing. Just trust in Him! Maranatha, my dear brothers and sister in Jesus! ❤️


Nov 11, 2023

i pray the Lord steps in soon! calamity is everywhere, humanity about to end it all.

Thank you, Ross, for your encouragement; we know the Lord wins.

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