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Update, Rare Gaza rescue, for now a critique of events.

News today, June 8 2024 Rare rescue

IDF rescues 4 hostages from 8 months’ captivity in daytime operation in central Gaza

Found in homes, one in one home and 3 in the other

Central Gaza

Noteworthy, Not held in tunnels.

Commando wounded in Gaza hostage rescue dies of wounds

4 hostages from out of Gaza, now being united with family

After 8 months held captivity

Day time operation

Biden’s attempt to take credit for it.

The want for IDF to go on increases. They say, Won’t stop now.

Celebrations, cause for joy

Will Hamas want a deal before more are found?

Hezbollah flair-up ??

What if another hostage or a group of hostages are found.

PA’s Abbas calls for emergency UNSC meeting after rescue of hostages, this will be interesting.

Now, allow us to speculate that maybe some of the citizens of Gaza may begin speaking out is they see Israel is winning this war and do not have to worry about the repercussions of Hamas.

More on this in tomorrow's video.

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Laurie Nordin
Laurie Nordin
09. Juni

i don't know... something about this timing, doesn't sit right; i'm probably one of 1% here, but the whole thing looks suspicious to me, even the whole meeting up of the world leaders in Normandy. i'd say we are very very very close to being called Upward! maybe it's tomorrow, maybe monday, tuesday or?? could be! keep awatch!!

Gefällt mir

Diane Bergschneider
Diane Bergschneider
08. Juni

Thankyou for the update, Ross...and, compilation of recent events. I've been following a couple of Telegram posts on these events...Egypt is angry now, too, as it's losing so much money from this war effort. Yes, time to wait and see what's next...the kettle is boiling now for something to blow the lid off. Looking forward to your message tomorrow, Ross!

Gefällt mir
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